I’ve Learned.

I’ve learned that I can be a Christian and hold a temporary grudge. Just because I love mankind doesn’t mean that I have to like everyone at any given moment. I’ve learned that iron sharpens iron and you do become the company you choose to keep… so choose wisely. I’ve learned that it’s more admirable to be the woman who looks like she has it all together, but once you talk to her, you wonder how she hasn’t fallen apart. I’ve learned that, no matter how many dumb things I do or how much trouble I get myself into, my parents always have my back and think I’m a pretty cool kid. I’ve learned that the stereotypes I give to myself are the hardest ones to get over, but if I can get over those, I can see others for who they really are… and we’re probably a lot more alike than I previously would have thought. I’ve learned that forgiving people isn’t telling them what happened is OK; it’s telling yourself you’re ready to move on. Choosing to not let go of some memories only makes us puppets of the past. Likewise, I’ve learned that you shouldn’t ever judge someone by their past because they don’t live there anymore. I’ve learned that if you go digging for dirt, you WILL get your hands dirty. I’ve learned that anger breeds hate and forgiveness nurtures love. I’ve learned that we all have scars from our pasts, but if we can use our pain to help someone else instead of using it as an excuse to justify poor behavior and bad decisions, the world would slowly become a better place. And I’ve learned that if you choose to take that rocky road with someone, you’ll only become stronger because of it… and people may have opinions otherwise, but it’s only because they’ve never walked your walk or chosen your path- and that’s OK. 

One response to “I’ve Learned.”

  1. Great job Meg, perfect words. Its so true.

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