Sticks and Stones

Never let your experiences limit you. Don’t let them define you, either. The more you’ve been through, the more opportunity you’re given to help others.

A littered past can make for a clean future if you get rid of the trash. Wanting to change and changing are two entirely different concepts. And actions? They do speak louder than words.

Believe in the cliche, “fake it ’til you make it.” It works. Smile when you’re sad, laugh when you feel like crying, and pray the hardest when you hurt the most. “I know that, without all the suffering, the growth that I achieved would have been impossible.”

No matter how morally sound you think your foundation is, it’s still the foundation of a glass house. If you throw stones at others, what’s to stop them from throwing stones back at you?

Only say something about someone behind his/her back if you want him/her finding out. If that’s the case, just say it to his/her face. Be weary of those who talk to you about others behind their backs. It’s a likely indication they’d talk about you behind your back, too.

“You can tell more about a person by what he says about others than you can by what others say about him.” If you spend your time with people who only have negative things to say about other people, what does that say about you? Birds of a feather flock together. “Small minds discuss people; average minds discuss events; great minds discuss ideas.” Truth.

Don’t ever mistake someone’s kindness for weakness. Sometimes the nicest people have even mastered smiling at the people they dislike the most. Popular opinion holds these people to be fake, but really, they’re probably just accepting of most people. Who wants to start unnecessary drama, anyway? Also, keep your ears open to those people who mention how much they dislike drama… there’s a reason it’s on their brain.

If people worried less about what others were doing and more about themselves, a lot of things would work themselves out. Too often, people concern themselves with the actions of others. Love others, care about others, but don’t spend so much time talking about what they’re doing. If they need help, help them. If they need love (and we all need love), love them.

Being popular doesn’t make you well-liked, make-up doesn’t make you pretty, Gucci doesn’t make you fabulous, swearing doesn’t make you cool, and a Benz doesn’t make you rich. The most beautiful, happy, and rich people don’t always have “beauty” by society’s standards, the ideal life-situation(s) or picture-perfect lifestyle, or the biggest bank accounts.

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  1. I love this, you left me speechless!

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