Growing Pains

Your biggest weaknesses can become your biggest strengths. If you’re able to overcome the hardships placed in your life, then you’ll be able to help others overcome similar hardships. If you think things can’t change, they won’t… mostly because you won’t do anything about it. You’ve already lost. “Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right.”

If you’re uncomfortable doing something, you’re not doing it right. Or you shouldn’t be doing it.

Anyone and everyone that steps foot into your life will leave an impression. Each person will either help you, hurt you, guide you, or love you… but let each one teach you. Learn from each and every person. Take the good to heart (not to your head), and turn the bad into a learning experience. Don’t mind those people who put you down, who hurt you, who insult you, or who judge you. Those people are insecure. You’re already one step ahead of those types of people.

Contrary to popular opinion, life doesn’t get easier for everyone. Fact: Life isn’t fair to everyone. Some people’s lives do get “better” but chances are, the “better” you’ll see in your life is the attitude you approach it with.

Evil isn’t inherited; it’s learned. Therefore, it can be overcome. Human nature is basically good, decent, and kind- but that doesn’t mean that evil doesn’t exist. We value good, decent, and kind because (unfortunately) we’re given lesser qualities to compare them to. Choose the former attributes… unless you’re good with evil in your life. You’re a reflection of the people you let into your life. Let the evil ones go.

A little respect goes a long way. A LOT of problems exist because people don’t think of others. And if they DO think of them, they certainly don’t care enough about others to prevent hurt. Even if you don’t necessarily know or like a particular person and think you “owe” them nothing, love mankind enough, and realize you “owe” everyone- friend or not, acquaintance or not- respect.

And remember: Every single time you think you’ve lost yourself, understand that you have a chance to reinvent yourself… an opportunity at a fresh start.

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