“Life is a magic vase filled to the brim”

Some people live life to the max. These individuals embrace each day. They relish every moment. They love what they do, love where they are. They love life with all of their hearts. And it shows.

These folks radiate joy. They exude happiness. And their enthusiasm for living shoots right off the chart. There is something mysterious, almost magical about them.

Ask them how they are doing and they respond with, “better than I deserve.” Ask them how life is treating them and they’ll tell you that they are “living the dream.”

Through thick and thin, they remain upbeat and optimistic. In good times and bad, they savor the richness of life. Nothing keeps them down. Nothing holds them back. Nothing prevents them from living life to the hilt every single day. Life is their canvas, their playground, a spectacular rainbow splashed across the sky; an incredible adventure waiting to be explored. Life is all they could ask for and more.

And it shows.

-John Ruskin

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