Happiness is a choice. People are as happy as they allow themselves to be. Your happiness, or lack thereof, is not a reflection of how other people around you treat you; your happiness is a direct result of the choices you make… you alone choose the actions that bring those feelings. Let them be actions that bring about happiness.

“We do not do what we do because we feel the way we feel; we feel the way we feel because we do what we do. We act ourselves into a new way of feeling, not feel ourselves into a new way of acting.” How often do YOU confuse the two?

Realizing and living out your calling is often a challenge because society and culture tends to confuse a calling with a vocation or job. However, a calling is about WHO we are and not simply WHAT we do. YOU ARE CALLED.

“Think of what you were when you were called.” 1 Corinthians 1:26. I’m thankful for who I was but even more thankful for who I’ve become.

Be thankful for the people God has put into your life. He put them there for a reason. Don’t allow what others have done to you define you or dictate your actions.

A negative person can drain the life out of everyone in a single room. Don’t be that person. Don’t surround yourself with those people. You’re meant to shine. Anger is the same way… it kills slowly. It will slowly kill you and the people you’re around.

Live a life of meaning and value. We’re all dying slowly, everyday. If you choose to live a meaningless, valueless life, you’re dying faster than you should be.

When you’re in trouble or you’ve done something you wish you hadn’t, take the wise way out. The wise way out is generally the hard way out. It’s always worth it in the end.

“We must deliberately, determinedly concentrate on what is pure, praiseworthy, positive, and honorable.” Anything less and you’re not living your life to the fullest… or living the life that you’ve been called to live.

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