Life Happens

Failure isn’t fatal or final and “failing” at something doesn’t make you a failure… not getting back up, or not trying at all is. “The only real failure in life is the failure to try.” Failure is not defeat until you stop trying. Never confuse one loss or defeat to a total loss or a final defeat.

“Every person has flaws and sins. It is only when you keep it in the darkness that sin grows and multiplies.” Acts don’t destroy relationships. Lies destroy relationships. If lies destroy, honesty heals.

Forgiveness comes easily when you really love someone. It’s not something you just do… it’s something you are. It’s how you live. It’s not about getting even. It’s about wiping the slate clean. Time and patience are required for forgiveness.

Forgiveness is as beneficial for the person who needs to forgive than for the person who needs forgiveness. Forgiveness isn’t about forgetting; forgiveness releases the pain that caused the hurt in the first place. Weak people hold grudges. Only the strong can forgive.

Pain is necessary to the healing process and healing isn’t instantaneous. Healing always starts with honesty, no matter how painful the truth may be. Focus on the good, happy memories and not just the bad, sad memories… it’ll help get you through the tougher, darker times.

Happiness is a personal choice, not another person’s obligation. “You cannot choose your feelings of happiness but you can choose the actions that bring about those feelings.”

Life happens. Love hard, forgive always, and leave the worrying to God.

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