Where He guides, He provides

The most beautiful people have the deepest scars. They’re the people who don’t let their pasts control or define them. The most people beautiful are the people who spend more time helping others than trying to figure out how others can help them. Beautiful people give, not take. Beautiful people find the beauty in what most would consider ugly. An ugly soul destroys a pretty face. A beautiful soul makes a beautiful person.

Just because evil exists doesn’t mean that good can’t prevail. Love is more powerful than hate and good can conquer evil.

Bad things are going to happen to everyone… good people and bad people alike. People will hurt people. People will let people down. Don’t use that as an excuse to do evil, to fail, or to hurt others. You’re only hurting yourself.

You can blame the world for your problems and question its motives, but the world owes you nothing. You can allow yourself to become a victim or you can overcome. You’re given the choice.

Find happiness in every situation, in every person, you encounter. Spread happiness everywhere you go. Life is too short to spend it mad or sad. Happiness is a choice, no matter what your circumstances, regardless of the hand you’ve been dealt.

Bad decisions and wrong turns make for an interesting story and a productive future.

Never wish time away. Life will be over before you know it.

Embrace your hardships– the greatest lessons will come from them. If you don’t learn from them, that’s your mistake.

Always remember: Where God guides you, He will provide for you. You can blame Him for your hardships, or you can thank Him for your blessings.

One response to “Where He guides, He provides”

  1. Wow! I love it! That was deep and beautiful!

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