It’s a choice

I’m no angel. I have a past littered with what a lot of people would consider mistakes, but that I consider lessons. I am who I am because of each time I fell… and each time I picked myself up. If you learn from your past, there are no “mistakes”– only lessons. “The greater the struggles, the more glorious the triumphs.”

Always believe that people are innately good, decent people. Sometimes, people get lost along their way and have a hard time finding out who they really are. Love those people the hardest when they’re the hardest to love. People really are good, even though, at times, we can all do bad things.

We’re given the blessing of CHOICE. We have free-will to make our own decisions– good and bad. Always choose good over evil, but never blame God for the evil that exists. Sure, God could have gotten rid of all the evil that surrounds us, but then we’d become puppets. Choose love.

We all have flaws. Overcome the ones that need to be, or embrace the ones that don’t with kind words and a genuine smile. Laugh often because it’s a simple, free, easy way of reminding yourself that life is beautiful and there’s happiness to be had in every situation you encounter.

Meet a person with more “problems” in their life and they’ll tell you life is good. Try to befriend people with this philosophy… they’re onto something. Attitudes like this are contagious; beware: so are negative attitudes.

Smile when you’re sad, laugh when you feel like crying, and give someone a hug when you’re feeling down. The best way to cheer yourself up is to spread happiness everywhere you go.

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