The Choice is Yours

Forgiveness doesn’t equate to forgetting. Forgiveness is not for the weak; it is an attribute of the strong. Forgiving someone who has offended you isn’t relieving them of fault; it’s freeing yourself from the constraints that were binding you… it’s telling yourself that it is OK to move on.

People are amazing actors; outside they’re happy and cheerful, but inside they’re broken. Love unconditionally, without question. No matter what you’re going through, someone else is walking a tougher path.

The past is an important factor, for it influences our present decisions and the direction of which we move, but what we strive for is far more important than where we’ve been or what we’ve done.

Although our genetics aren’t necessarily a choice, they’re not nearly as important as what we choose to do with the abilities and limitations that we’re given.

Your future is not determined; you determine your own fate every single day you’re here. You can choose to be happy and successful every day you’re blessed with life, or you can opt to be miserable and unthankful for each breath you’re given.



One response to “The Choice is Yours”

  1. Forgiveness of ones enemy’s is a crucial step in being a warrior of the light and walking the true path. I do feel that through Forgivnes we do not forget but overnight the previous feeling with love. Forgivnes is love as it takes only light to show the insecurity in self and thus creates a mirror for the world to see its own resentment and unhappyness. People as a mass are too inundated within themselves closing off the rest of the world behind their own eyes. They see but do not let themselves perceive their works around them, in turn they miss the gifts Laied before them bu our creator to follow the path of their personal legend, or their purpose on being. People know very early in their lives what they are called by their heart to do. Yet they give up on it early as well under the fallacy that life misteriously pulls us away and those thoughts were a fleeting childhood fantasy. This is a lie, one a dream is in your mind you make it real by saying it out loud and creating a series of events to start the path towards your hearts calling. As we are only an accumulation of our lives choices we have only the next opertunity to do the next right thing, in every siduation. By following your heart you make more positive choices that help people and yourself move forward towards the light and your path. It’s beautiful and humbling to reciprocate the blessings of this light though the daily walk of life and watch the ripples of this energy go so much further then I could have ever precieved. Thank you for sharing yourself and allowing me to acompany your thoughts with my own.

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