What Are You Being Prepared For?

Let your problems prepare you for your destiny. If your life is tough, God has the biggest plans for you. Being pampered doesn’t build strong character; troubles, trials, and tribulations do. Anyone can be resentful, angry, hurtful, and bitter. Only the strong can be forgiving, loving, and a better person because of their hardships. Choose to be better- not bitter.

Don’t let your morality be based on what has happened to you in your life, and don’t ever let your present circumstances destroy your dreams. Your circumstances don’t define you– how you handle them does. “Do not let your disappointment justify disobedience.” Never, ever use your pain as an excuse to inflict pain upon someone else. Wouldn’t that make you as guilty as the one who caused pain to you?

Help the people you can. Love the ones you can’t. We are all created for an individual, unique purpose, but every single person was created to help others. I’ve written it before and I will write it again: “Our prime purpose in this life is to help others. And if you can’t help them, at least don’t hurt them.” Love the people who’ve hurt you the most- they’re the ones that need it.

Hate breeds hate. Live a life full of love.  You can’t choose who you’re born from or what you’re born into, but you have the choice to maintain that life or take another path. To claim you don’t is to deny your own self of happiness, love, and freedom. You’ve already got too many people trying to do that to you… don’t do it to yourself.

You’re only a step away from being who you were created to be. “Let your faith be bigger than your fear.” Take that first step to being the person you’re destined to be… and take that first step away from that person you once were.

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